Pretreatment of raw materials before forming(二)

2023-01-06 11:59:30

Hunan WISE New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.

Forming sub-mold-forming and special forming two categories.The former is the metal carbide powder or mixed material installed in the steel die through the mold on the powder pressure,pressure relief,the compact from the negative mold out.In this process,the powder and powder, powder and die and die wall due to the existence of friction,so that the process of force transmission and distribution changes,due to uneven pressure distribution,resulting in the density of the various parts of the compact and The intensity distribution is uneven: thus,a series of complex phenomena occur during the pressing process.In order to correctly formulate the forming process specification,rationally design the stamper structure,calculate the stamping parameters,etc.,need to carry on the detailed research to these phenomena.

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