Advantages of powder metallurgy process

2023-01-06 11:59:27
Advantages of powder metallurgy process:
1, the vast majority of refractory metals and their compounds, pseudo-alloy, porous materials can only be used to manufacture powder metallurgy method.
2, because the powder metallurgy method can be pressed into the final size of the compact, without the need or little need for subsequent mechanical processing, it can greatly save the metal, reduce product costs. When the product is manufactured by powder metallurgy, the loss of metal is only 1-5%, and the loss of metal may be 80% when produced by the general casting method.
3, because the powder metallurgy process in the material production process does not melt the material, it is not afraid of mixed with crucible and deoxidizer and other impurities, and sintering generally in the vacuum and reducing atmosphere, not afraid of oxidation, nor to the material Any pollution, it is possible to produce high-purity materials.
4, powder metallurgy method to ensure that the material composition ratio of the correctness and uniformity.
5, powder metallurgy suitable for the production of the same shape and the number of products, especially gears and other high cost of processing products, powder metallurgy manufacturing can greatly reduce production costs.
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