Long-term corrosion of steel structure quality inspection

2023-01-06 11:59:24
V. CONCLUSION Through the above analysis, we can draw the following conclusions: 1. Nowadays, the society has begun to seriously treat the systematic long-term preservation of steel structures, which is closely related to the safe operation of steel structures and the guarantee of life expectancy. 2. To strengthen the construction and maintenance of steel structures in the process of construction management and supervision of anti-corrosion, the project uses the party, the construction side and the professional supervision side is crucial. 3 in the steel structure design and production process, there must be professional anti-corrosion engineering and technical personnel and experts in the participation or guidance. 4. In China, arc spraying long-term anti-corrosion technology is an emerging technology developed in recent years, has attracted more and more attention, and the organic combination of coating technology, will have more market advantages.

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