Thermal spray applications introduction

2023-01-06 12:00:40

Hunan WISE New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.

Thermal spray applications include almost all of the industrial production sector, in addition to the previously described in the automotive and mold industry and the well-known in the aviation, navigation, textile, machinery and other applications, but also quickly expanded to other areas. Such as spraying aluminum for oil piping welds and spraying abrasion-resistant coatings on oil equipment valves, overflow stoppers and drillstring tools; spraying carbonyl apatite on artificial joints to enhance titanium substrate and organic Biocompatibility; spraying a ceramic coating on a printing roller and engraving the lines with a laser for drawing the ink from the ink pool to the printing chamber and spraying the steel on the aluminum valve stem cap of the air conditioning compressor to To achieve the purpose of weight loss and wear, and so on.

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