Introduction to Thermal Spraying Technology

2023-01-06 12:00:43

Introduction to Thermal Spraying Technology

Overview Thermal spraying is a repair and pre-protection technology, with the development and improvement of modern technology, industrial production equipment and mechanical components of the performance requirements are getting higher and higher. The whole casting or forging more expensive metals, such as titanium, nickel, cobalt, tungsten, zirconium, and other high cost and casting, forging and welding methods have some difficulties, so the common material in the work surface, spray a layer of special coating Layer, to achieve: anti-corrosion, wear, anti-wear, anti-high temperature, anti-oxidation, insulation, insulation, conductive, anti-microwave radiation and a series of various functions, to achieve energy conservation, energy conservation purposes.

The definition of thermal spraying refers to the use of oxygen – acetylene flame, arc, plasma arc, explosion waves to provide different heat source of the spraying device, resulting in high temperature and high pressure flame or supersonic flame flow, will be made of coating materials such as various metals, ceramics , Metal-ceramic composite materials, solid-state spray materials of various plastic powders, instantaneous heating to plastic or molten state, high-speed spraying to pretreatment (clean rough) parts of the surface of a surface coating method. We put a special work surface called "coating", the manufacturing method of coating called "thermal spray", it is a variety of heat source for spraying and spray welding in general.

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