The definition and technical function of thermal spraying method

2023-01-06 12:04:59
Thermal spraying technology began in the early of this century. At first, it was just the molten metal flow with compressed air, the coating of the surface of the substrate to be printed, forming a layer of membrane tissue. The spraying temperature and drop on the impact velocity and form a coating on the surface of the substrate material performance constitutes the core of spraying technology. The whole development of thermal spraying technology, is basically along the three leading line to move forward. Temperature and speed depends on different heat source and the equipment structure. In a sense, the higher the temperature, the faster the speed, the more excellent coating formation, resulting in the temperature and velocity of two elements in the whole technology in the development of the situation of competition and coordination. Selectivity of various coating materials, is another advantage of the thermal spraying index, it can make different equipment of working face was "DianTieChengJin, wear a helmet to wear armour". Is the three elements, making the thermal spraying truly overlay with unique technology, it can be designed for the various properties of the surface, obtained from the general mechanical maintenance, until the shuttle and biological engineering in high technology widespread application.Held in kobe, Japan on the 14th international conference on thermal spraying,the car,metallurgy and energy and other industrial applications as the thermal spraying technology to deepen and the three key development theme, show new trends of the technology in the expansion of application.

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