Powder coating storage method

2023-01-06 12:04:31

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Powder coating storage method

1, away from the fire, to avoid direct sunlight,should be placed in a well ventilated,the temperature below 35 ℃ place.

2, to avoid storage in the water, organic solvents, oil and other materials contaminated sites.
3, the carbide powder coating is not allowed to be exposed to the air at any time,should always cover or tighten the bag to avoid debris mixed.
4, to avoid long-term skin contact,attached to the skin of the powder application of soap and water rinse,do not use solvents.The safety of the coating construction site.
5, the use of equipment to wear equipment to be a good grounding to eliminate static electricity.
6, to avoid the phenomenon of endless discharge machine coating.
7, dusting indoor,the concentration of floating dust as far as possible under the control of safe concentrations,to avoid the risk of dust fire explosion.
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