Ceramic matrix composites to face problems in the future

2023-01-06 12:04:35

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Ceramic matrix composites to face problems in the future

Now,people have begun to scientific research on the structure,properties and manufacturing techniques of metal ceramic-based composites,but there are many problems that have not yet been studied.Therefore,from this point of view,there is a need for ceramic experts to further study the theoretical issues.On the other hand,the ceramic preparation process is a very complex process,the quality of its many factors,even if an experienced ceramic experts to the formula and process parameters to tell another also experienced ceramic experts,the latter also often can not make this material successfully produced,and the need for a series of tests and adjustments Caixing,so how to further stabilize the ceramic manufacturing process,improve product reliability and consistency,it is to further expand the scope of application of ceramics facing the problem.

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