Metal powder flame spraying (welding) spray welding process typical surface spray characteristics

2023-01-06 12:05:26
(3) In order to prevent the edge of the coating tilt, before spraying can be grooved at the edge of the workpiece, and by sand blasting can reduce the stress.
3, the mouth surface spray process points:
⑴ spraying should be sprayed before the cylindrical part of the spray after the plane part.
⑵ spray gun powder spray direction along the circumference of the workpiece into a 45-degree angle injection is good, this may make the powder deposition rate is low, but it can spray a clear edge of the spray operation Note that the gun can not be sprayed perpendicular to the corner, This will cause the corners of the coating to be loose or sandwiched.
⑶ spraying edge such as burr, Alice, should be promptly removed and then spray.
4, the local serious damage parts of the spraying process points:
⑴ the local damage at the polished clean, first spray or repair with other methods, and then spray all the plane.
⑵ for the deeper, wider local defects can be seen, can also be used to fill the welding, and then fully sprayed.
⑶ on the local defects with cracks must first find the crack from the end, and in the place to play a hole, open the groove, the cracks will be cleaned up all the clean or fill the welding fill the defect site, and finally spray to be sprayed surface.
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