Economic Effect of Arc Spraying Mold

2023-01-06 12:00:22
(2) arc spraying mold making die short cycle. Conventional mold processing From casting (or forging), roughing, finishing, profiling, fitter to the mold finished product, you need a very long processing cycle, some of the complex shape of the cavity mold, the direct processing of forming more Difficulty, have to use mosaic mosaic structure, so that the mold design and manufacturing cycle corresponding lengthened. Arc spraying production of molds, as long as the sample can be produced in a very short period of time to meet the requirements of the mold. Production of a projection area of ??1900mm × 1200mm, three-dimensional decorative surface patterns and plastic wood double bed head mold, only 1 week time. The same size of a mold, if the use of conventional methods of cast aluminum processing, produced more than 5 months to complete.

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