Advantages and disadvantages of high – speed gas spraying technology and its use

2023-01-06 12:00:26
The most prominent advantage of high-speed gas spraying is the ability to spray high-quality tungsten carbide coatings. Coating is dense, high bonding strength, low oxide content. It is used in aviation and space technology, pumps and compressor shafts, valves, sealing surfaces, papermaking rollers, and petrochemical industries where wear and corrosion resistance is required. HVOF has higher bonding strength, lower oxide content, better abrasion resistance and higher deposition rate than plasma coating. The coating can be thicker due to lower internal stress in the coating. And HVOF spraying the need to control the parameters of only half of the plasma spray, so the spray is simple, good quality coating repeatability.Due to the low temperature of HVOF, it is generally not suitable for the spraying of ceramic materials. However, some spray guns (such as Top Gun, HV-2000) have a high heating capacity, can be very dense ceramic coating.

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