WC blank cost increase sharply in early 2017

2023-01-06 14:12:31

This year, the price of tungsten rose sharply. In order to meet the domestic tungsten metal consumption, China has recently taken some measures to reduce the export of tungsten. This move has a certain impact on the price of tungsten. A news agency involved in metals and mining estimates that China controls 75 percent of the world's tungsten reserves and supplies 85 percent of tungsten's consumption. The most affection is such as cutting tools, because the carbide accounts for more than half of the total demand for tungsten. As tungsten prices rise, cutting tool suppliers are feeling the price pressure.

Langfeng Materials' main major: high purity carbide powders, like zirconium carbide powder, titanium carbide powder, TaNbC ..etc play important roles in the production of cutting tools.

These carbide pwoders could be used as grain inhibitor, grain finer.

We insist using high purity raw materials, control strictly in all production process. Meanwhile, the cost keep unchanged in 2017.

It will help all cutting tools manufacturers to cut down the whole cost.

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