Tungsten Powder Cost Keep Rising

2023-01-06 14:13:32

As of Wednesday, this week tungsten product price of 65 degrees black tungsten concentrate 7.5-77 million / ton, APT11.5-11.7 Million tons of tungsten powder 180-182 yuan / kg, tungsten carbide powder 178-180 yuan / kg, tungsten iron (FeW80) 12.2-125 million / base tons, tungsten iron (FeW70) 11.5-11.7 million / base Ton, sodium tungstate 8.4-87 million / ton. Ring last week, a variety of tungsten products prices are one thousand yuan to three thousand yuan per ton ranging from rising. Due to the increase in tungsten concentrate prices and reluctant sellers, APT and tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder prices rose faster, tungsten and sodium tungstate products relative to the relatively small increase, which is its production scale and downstream demand constraints. This week, the rapid increase in the market price of tungsten, on the one hand after the holiday part of the replenishment to pick up, on the one hand is the guide price and large business long single support, it is learned that a large Tungsten in Jiangxi Province in February the second half of the purchase of long single The price of 65 degrees black tungsten concentrate 75,000 yuan / ton, 65 degrees of white tungsten concentrate 73,000 yuan / ton, APT11.6 million / ton. Coupled with the long-term downturn in the tungsten market, manufacturers have to boost the market price of the psychological, there are some traders before the holiday high price hoard goods, and now naturally hope that the tungsten market prices have picked up. Due to the continuous improvement of prices, the current market inquiry more transactions have improved, after all, buy up do not buy, according to the development of the point of view, there is still a slight increase in the tungsten market may be, so the market turnover of active atmosphere, but tungsten concentrate Relatively speaking, the sale is still slightly less, APT relatively more.


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