TiC steel bonded carbide products process characteristics

2023-01-06 12:01:04

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TiC steel bonded carbide products process characteristics

The main properties of steel-bonded cemented carbide are between steel and cemented carbide. It has both the characteristics and strengths of both materials, and is a new engineering material that fills the gap between them. Compared with the steel it has its incomparable high hardness, high wear resistance and hardenability, (steel alloy after quenching, the material from the center to the surface hardness difference of not more than 2 °), which is by its material The particularity of the structure and the unique characteristics of the hard phase of the decision; at the same time it also has just similar to the Machinable, heat treatment and the advantages of welding, these performance characteristics are basically the general carbide does not have The Therefore, it is also possible to use a cemented carbide as a processable, heat-treatable cemented carbide.

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