Thermal spraying technology development and application

2023-01-06 12:00:57

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Thermal spraying technology development and application

With the continuous progress of science and technology,some other coating manufacturing technologies such as magnetron sputtering,chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition,laser spraying has also made considerable progress,with these technologies to produce coatings in certain properties.Has been more than the thermal spray coating.Therefore,to maintain the vitality of thermal spraying technology, we must strengthen the basic research on thermal spraying technology, the development of new spraying methods and applications.Now foreign research in this area has made great progress,and our development work is progressing little, thermal spraying technology basically stay in the original level, but also limits the application of coating expansion.Therefore,strengthening the basic research,the development of new applications is our future to do the main work,but also the life of thermal spraying technology.

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