Thermal sprayed metal ladder coating ccontrast with commonly used spraying technology and test

2023-01-06 11:59:41
(A) plate, spray stainless steel (B) plate and metal ladder coating corrosion (C) board three steel test panels (A plate spray zinc thickness of 160μm, B board spray stainless steel thickness of 160μm  C board spray Zinc thickness of 80μm, spray stainless steel thickness of 80μm) at the same time immersed in water, a few days later removed.
As a result, the A plate surface basically no change, with a small hammer gently hit, zinc layer by the impact, friction deformation, displacement, the surface of the exposed parts exposed.
B plate surface rust, rust water from the rough surface of stainless steel cracks in the seepage (because of its non-polished, corrosion in the hydraulic steel structure can not be polished, or not only difficult to build and the cost will be several times up), with a small Hammer gently hit the surface of stainless steel, hit part of the rust stripped, showing that the process due to the coating pores, water permeability, steel surface is still in contact with water and corrosion, it can not meet the needs of hydraulic steel underwater corrosion.
C board surface, intact as early as no rust, with a small hammer gently hit the stainless steel surface without wear, peeling, no deformation. It can be seen, thermal spray metal ladder coating corrosion effect is good.
Comparison of Economic Benefits
The stainless steel coating is hard and resistant to friction, and the protection period is up to 45 years. However, it is not applicable to the anti-corrosion of underwater engineering of hydraulic steel structure.
The use of spray-zinc process alone, although the initial investment than the use of stainless steel and thermal spraying metal step coating anti-corrosion process is low, but the poor wear resistance of zinc layer, the protection cycle is only 15 years, especially near the gate line and some Friction, erosion parts, zinc layer protection cycle will be shorter, 45 years to be repeated spraying more than 3 times, the project life cycle costs increased.

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