Thermal spray applications

2023-01-06 11:59:51

Thermal spray applications

As the thermal coating can provide a variety of performance coating, so this process has been widespread attention in the industry. At present, the thermal spray application areas of the most research is the automotive industry and mold industry.

Auto industry:

Synchronous loop. There are many synchronous ring in the gear box, spray a layer of molybdenum, the gear can work with self-locking function to ensure traffic safety, smooth. At present, China has built a large-scale production base of spraying ring. Piston ring. The outer surface of the aluminum piston ring has a groove which contacts the inner surface of the piston cylinder bore during operation. After spraying a layer of NiCrBSi containing molybdenum powder by plasma spraying, the abrasion resistance of the whole component can be improved.  Exhaust gas sensor. The sensor is made of alumina-based electrolyte, shaped like a test tube, attached to a platinum electrode. In order to prevent the high temperature gas on the platinum electrode erosion, need to spray the spinel coating on the electrode. The sensor is placed in the vehicle exhaust stream, the coating can protect the electrode, but also make the heat to reach the electrode. Cylinder hole. Cylinder hole sprayed molybdenum alloy may be the largest application of plasma spraying in the automotive industry. At present, SULZERMETCO has developed a set of systems for cleaning and blowing sand from the engine cylinder to the spray, and the coating is of excellent quality. This system can be sprayed every day ten-cylinder cylinder liner 200 pieces.  roof connection. In the roof and the car front panel weld will have a depression area, the previous way to make up for this defect is the excess solder grinding off, thus reducing the strength of the weld. There are several car companies have been using arc spraying silicon bronze method to fill the seam area, so that both the appearance of the body, but also enhance the weld strength. Thermal barrier coating. The thermal barrier coating, which was originally used in aeroengine, has been applied to automotive engines (mainly diesel engines) and tail gas systems.

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