Thermal Spraying Technology in Remanufacturing Engineering

2023-01-06 12:00:12

Thermal Spraying Technology in Remanufacturing Engineering

The connotation of remanufacturing project:

Remanufacturing project is the product life cycle theory as a guide to waste products to achieve leapfrog development as the goal, to high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, materials, environmental protection as a criterion to advanced technology and industrial production as a means to repair, Transformation of waste products, a series of technical measures or engineering activities in general. The research object of equipment remanufacturing project – "product" is generalized. It can be either a device, a system, a facility, or a component thereof, both hardware and software. In short, remanufacturing is the industrialization of high-tech maintenance of used products.

The cost of the product from the demonstration, design, manufacture, use, maintenance, until the scrapped is called the full life cycle cost. Traditional concepts tend to focus on 20% -30% of the total life cycle cost of the product before the half (demonstration, design, manufacturing stage) investment, but ignored the total life cycle cost of 70% -80% of the product after the second half ( Use, repair, scrap stage) investment. Remanufacturing project is to the latter part of the product for the research object, to enhance the transformation of the performance of used products, so that the recycling of waste products vitality.

Remanufacturing is an important feature of remanufacturing product quality and performance to meet or exceed new products, the cost is only 50% of new products, energy saving 60%, 70% of the material, the adverse effects on the environment compared with the manufacture of new products significantly reduced.
Remanufacturing is different from equipment maintenance, and is different from equipment recycling (recycling). Maintenance is in the use of the product in order to maintain a good condition to take the technical measures, often with randomness, in situ, emergency. And remanufacturing is a large number of discarded products after the demolition, according to the type of parts for testing, with remanufactured value of the parts for the rough, the use of advanced surface technology and other high-tech to its bulk repair, performance upgrades, Of the remanufactured products in the technical performance can be achieved even more than new products.
Recycling (recycling) is through the furnace smelting and other processing methods, low-grade raw materials, and recycling to consume more energy, have a greater impact on the environment. Remanufacturing is a waste-forming parts for the resources, through high-tech processing to obtain high-quality, high value-added products, the consumption of less energy, to maximize the spare parts contained in the added value, its production costs far Far lower than the new product.
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