The steps and techniques of pretreatment of thermal spray surface are briefly described

2023-01-06 14:12:17

Sandblasting commonly used abrasive is: white corundum (pure alumina), corundum (alumina + iron oxide), silica sand and so on. White corundum sand hardness is high, broken rate is low, sandblasting effect is good. Corundum is also a commonly used abrasive, affordable, high hardness of silica sand but the broken rate is also high, chilled iron sand or grit can also be used to sandblasting, sand must be clean, so as not to secondary pollution of the surface, the size of the sand should be specific Shape to choose. In the sandblasting operation should pay attention to sandblasting distance and angle, the distance is generally selected in the range of 100 ~ 300mm, for thin-walled parts and flexible workpieces should pay special attention to not strong sandblasting. Sandblasting should avoid vertical blasting, angle control in 45 ° ~ 70 °. On the surface hardness of low materials, such as copper, aluminum, zinc and other soft, good ductility of the metal, with particular attention to sandblasting distance and angle control, otherwise it will make more sand debris embedded in the substrate. After blasting the surface has a high activity in the atmosphere easily oxidized, should be properly protected, and as soon as possible spraying, generally not more than 4h.

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