Study on High – speed Arc Spraying of Aluminum – based Alumina

2023-01-06 11:59:14
The anti-skid handling of the ship's main deck has always been one of the problems that plagued us. Many steel structures and components on the ship,such as the top deck, equipment and equipment handling area, personnel activities corridor, helicopter deck piles and other parts of the anti-skid surface has a high demand, the friction coefficient of 0.6 or more. Shipboard helicopters and personnel safety depends mainly on helicopter tires and aprons and personnel between the soles and the deck of sufficient friction. The anti-slip surface coating is a traditional composite coating system, that is, polymer and large particle size of the organic composite coating composed of emery. The corundum has a grain size of 0.45 to 0.9 mm and a coating thickness of 1.5 mm. However, this organic coating is easy to aging, short life, the combination of corundum and polymer coating strength is low, the use of easy to fall off, poor wear resistance, and thus the friction coefficient of poor ability to maintain. In addition,the polymer coating can cause environmental pollution.

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