Steel bonded carbide

2023-01-06 12:05:50

Although the carbide has a high hardness, wear resistance and cutting performance, but the impact toughness is very low, and can not be used forging forming, can not be used to cut the processing method, the use of a certain degree of limitations. The cemented carbide is also a high hardness material prepared by powder metallurgy. The difference between the hard alloy and the cemented carbide is that the hard phase content is reduced to below 50% and the steel is used as a binder to obtain a uniform distribution on the steel substrate A large number of fine alloy carbide particles are organized. The steel bonded carbide can be forged and shaped to facilitate the manufacture of different shapes of tools, and forging can overcome the shortcomings of powder metallurgy products density is not high enough to improve the mechanical properties of steel bonded carbide.

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