Research Status of Amorphous Coatings

2023-01-06 12:03:50

Research Status of Amorphous Coatings

Amorphous is a long-range disorder, short-range orderly material. The physical and chemical properties of amorphous materials are more excellent than the corresponding crystalline materials. They are high strength, high toughness, high hardness, high corrosion resistance and soft magnetic properties. It is a kind of new metal material with great development prospect [twenty four]. Thermal spraying amorphous alloy coating is a new field of extensive research in materials science in recent years. Thermal spraying technology has been widely regarded as one of the preparation methods of large area amorphous coating. Commonly used methods are plasma spraying, HVOF and Explosive spray.

(Including Si, B, Cr, Ni, etc.) were prepared by plasma spraying process. The microstructure of the coating was uniform, the coating density was high, the porosity was low, Oxide content is less, and has a high hardness, micro hardness in the range of 530 ~ 790HV0.1, the coating and the substrate with a good combination.

Jin et al. [26] studied the microstructure and abrasion resistance of the explosive sprayed Fe-Cr-B alloy coating. The results show that the coating has good anti – wear and anti – corrosion properties, the coating in the sliding process of dynamic generation of amorphous surface film, the coating significantly improved wear resistance, while the friction coefficient decreased significantly.
In summary, the use of HVOF, plasma spraying, arc spraying, explosive spraying and other methods of spraying metal, ceramics, cermet and amorphous wear coating, can effectively improve the wear resistance of the matrix material.Depth study of the wear mechanism of the thermal spray coating and the effect of the coating structure on the wear characteristics, in order to improve the coating structure, optimize the spraying process and the development of new wear-resistant coating to provide a theoretical basis.
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