Production method of metal powder

2023-01-06 12:04:04
These two atomization methods use high-pressure water and high-pressure gas as the atomizing medium to break the continuous flow of molten metal, which is the most important method of producing metal powder. The atomization mechanism includes the formation of a thin layer of fluid, the thin layer is broken into a metal flow wire and the metal flow wire shrinks to form three stages of microdroplets. High-pressure gas atomization powder to obtain a diameter of 50-100μm metal powder, high-pressure water atomized powder particle size between 75-200μm; gas atomization powder is smooth spherical, cooling rate of about 102-103 ℃ / s, water atomization Powder often has irregular morphology and surface, the cooling rate of 102-104 ℃ / s. High pressure gas atomization and water atomization are widely used for large tonnage production of aluminum, tool steel, superalloy, copper, iron, tin and low alloy powders.

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