Powder metallurgy overall shortcomings

2023-01-06 12:04:45
Powder metallurgy overall shortcomings:
1) There is always porosity inside the product;
2) the strength of ordinary powder metallurgy products than the corresponding forging or casting to low (about 20% to 30%);
3) due to the process of forming the powder flow is far less than liquid metal, so the shape of the product structure has some restrictions;
4) the pressure required for press forming is high, so that the product is limited by the capacity of the pressing equipment;
5) High cost of molding, generally only for batch or mass production. Metal powder: the quality of the final product is difficult to control freely; metal powder expensive; powder is not obedient to the law of hydraulics, leaving the product structure shape has certain restrictions.
Manufacturing equipment, methods:
1) Press: often need to use expensive powerful press
2) Die: a consumable, the higher the cost
3) Sintering furnace
4) powder easy to oxidation, mixing takes a long time
5) The size and shape of the product are limited.
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