Powder coating prospects

2023-01-06 12:07:34

In the promotion of environmental protection laws and regulations,limit the emissions of VOC powder coating will be more widely used,if the coating line and solvent-based,water-based paint to compare the comprehensive evaluation,the powder coating will replace the other Painting.The future development trend of metal carbide powder coating equipment is as follows:

(1) In order to make the powder coating in the coating performance, coating costs,painting costs,equipment investment repayment and other aspects of comprehensive evaluation of favorable, and powder coating related to the industry still need to jointly organize research.

(2) In the powder coating equipment, should be developed for large-scale coating of electrostatic flow bed coating equipment, the development of color cleaning method.

(3) In the powder coating technology, it is expected to further improve the coating efficiency of electrostatic coating, the development of rapid color change method and dusting room exhaust recycling technology.

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