Plastic spraying technology features

2023-01-06 14:13:25

6, a wide range of applications Wide use of plastic spraying can be in the steel, cast iron, copper or aluminum and other metal workpiece surface, the thickness of 0.1-0.5 mm coating can be used for dynamic fit, static fit or seal and leakproof, anti-corrosion effect The occasion

7, excellent performance of the spray coating The impact strength, shear strength, toughness, fatigue resistance of repeated deformation of the plastic spray coating are better than the epoxy adhesive. Plastic coating corrosion resistance is good, the general metal can not match. It also has good sound absorption, thermal insulation and electrical insulation properties, can be used in a variety of special requirements of the occasion. Plastic spray coating has excellent machinability, can carry out various forms of machining.

Spraying plastic spray finish up to spend 8, when the smooth finish up to spend 12 flowers. Therefore, the size and geometry of the workpiece are easy to guarantee. In addition, if various modified materials are added to the plastic sprayed coating, the physical and mechanical properties of one aspect of the sprayed coating, such as increasing the strength, increasing the wear resistance, increasing the thermal conductivity and the like, are remarkably improved.

8, low cost The cost of plastic coating is about 1 / 6-1 / 8 of the metal coating; vibration welding 1 / 3-1 / 5; chrome one-tenth to one-twentieth.

9, operating conditions Plastic spraying generally does not produce carbon monoxide, ozone and acid and other harmful gases, it will not produce arc, ultraviolet rays and other harmful rays. Therefore, it will not pollute the environment and endanger the operators.

Plastic spraying also has some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the hardness of spray coating, lower strength, poor heat resistance and thermal conductivity. For general nylon, the maximum operating temperature of plastic spray coating is only 100-150 degrees.

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