New Development of Arc Spraying Technology-Metal arc spraying

2023-01-06 12:04:18
Russia's ВНИИТУВИД Institute has been engaged in metal arc spraying process and equipment for many years, at present it is in the summary, absorbing advanced experience at home and abroad based on the successful development of a high-performance type M-5 arc spray gun. Compared with similar devices, it has the following advantages: jet angle is reduced to 13 °, spray utilization increased by 25%, for φ2.4mm spinneret, spray coating process can reduce the weight loss of 30 to 40%; diameter of more than 100mm Cylindrical cylindrical parts, the inner surface of the spray depth of up to 400mm; The device uses a removable structure, and parts of the disassembly is relatively simple, so its maintenance is good; through the console for equipment operation is simple and convenient.

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