How to determine the proportion of tantalum and niobium

2023-01-06 12:01:38

How to determine the proportion of tantalum and niobium

There are a series of tantalum-containing alloys such as YW1, YW2, YW3, YS25, YS30, and the 798 Zigong Plant in Zhuzhou, all of which have been approved for a long time. Production process tends to improve. But imagine that if you add tantalum to these grades, the alloy will obviously become more brittle and can not meet the strength requirements. If you reduce the tantalum content, then in the red hardness and fatigue resistance can not meet the requirements, and lose its due performance.

What happens when we use niobium tantalum? First of all, it is emphasized that the alloy should not be pure niobium but should be tantalum and niobium solid solution, and the content of tantalum is not necessarily the traditional safety ratio (TaC / NhC = 8: 2), only to meet the alloy (mainly tantalum and niobium ) Performance can be fully played. We know that most of the widely used metal in daily life is alloy, with little use of pure metal alone. That is because the alloy is often able to integrate the characteristics of their respective metal and better use. Here we are concerned about the amount of niobium tantalum is the value of the problem. Due to the disparity between the two atomic weight, replaced with the same weight replacement is clearly not (tantalum and niobium are atoms or molecules to play a role, not by weight how much).

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