How to determine the proportion of tantalum and niobium(二)

2023-01-06 12:00:05
Such as the weight of the replacement, then the equivalent of the original design of the brand to increase the content of tantalum, leaving the alloy brittle, which is widely believed that niobium tantalum alloy brittle reasons. Because of this, I have done a lot of experiments, and in practice the application that, with niobium tantalum, the total number of TaC + NbC to the original design of the number of molecules in the TaC 1.2 to 1.25 times The best, and the content of tantalum must meet the alloy in the hard phase of the single molecule surrounded by more than in order to give full play to the comprehensive advantages of tantalum and niobium. Otherwise, it will form an alloy structure imbalance and affect its effect. In this way, due to the increase in the overall number of molecules of TaC + NbC, and the presence of some TaC, it is a good way to make up for some of the deficiencies of light using NbC. In addition, since the TaC + NbC is reduced by the weight percentage when TaC is used only, the percentage of WC is increased, and the wettability of the cobalt is enhanced by increasing the percentage of WC (regardless of how the content of titanium in the alloy does not change) So the strength of the alloy will not be reduced or even enhanced.

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