Current Status and Development Trend of Rapid Spray Tool Manufacturing Technology

2023-01-06 14:14:11

Rapid prototyping and manufacturing (RPM: Rapid Prototvfolng & amp; Manufacturing) is a stratified-stacking technology that integrates laser, carbide powder raw materials science, information and control technology and is the most significant advance in manufacturing technology in the second half of the 20th century one. RPM technology was born more than 10 years in the automotive, home appliances, aviation, medical and other industries have been widely used. Large foreign enterprises such as GM, Ford, Ferrari, Toyota, McDonnell Douglas, IBM, AT & amp; T, Motorla and some famous enterprises in our country are actively using this technology in the process of product design to conduct product design and inspection.讦 trial, assembly experiment, dynamic analysis, photoelastic stress analysis, wind tunnel experiment, successfully achieved market-oriented design of product design agility. The rapid development of molds, especially Rapid Metal Tooling (RMT), is the inevitable result of new product designs that are rapidly and efficiently mass-produced and seized by the market. RPM technology is further developed And achieve greater economic efficiency facing the key issues, become the international frontiers of RPM technology research. At the turn of the century, the technology by the United States Automotive Engineering magazine 讦 as the world’s first 15 major technologies, by the global manufacturing industry’s widespread concern.

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