Comparison of Long – term Corrosion Protection Technology for Steel Structure

2023-01-06 12:07:51

For example, Norwegian Offshore Oil Platform with a total weight of 2,300 tons built by Dalseide & Floysand in Norway in recent years employs 14 G35-LD / U3 spraying equipment for the entire arc spraying and 35 tons of AlMg5 wire for 3 months for 100 spraying workers. It is one of the larger models in the world for long-term preservation of thermal spraying. Long-term preservation of petrochemical pipelines also use a thermal spray anti-corrosion technology Of course, the application of thermal spraying technology construction, there is a certain amount of noise and dust. For the steel factory when the production of environmental requirements are quite strict, and the current installation of the old or the late steel construction maintenance of the basic no high requirements, but must strengthen the protection of construction workers.

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