Characteristics, Technology and Advantages of Arc Spraying Technology

2023-01-06 12:07:44

At present, the arc spraying technology in the country has been the attention of many departments, is being more and more widely used. Arc spraying technology can be applied to corrosion, wear, decoration and the formation of special functional coatings and other fields, especially in the field of corrosion, arc spraying is the most effective and most economical long-term anti-corrosion technology. The author introduces the characteristics of arc spraying and arc spraying machine, the new development of arc spraying technology and its advantages in the field of steel structure anticorrosion.

The arc spray is the use of two sprayed wire as a consumable electrode, the use of two wire ends of the arc generated by the arc to melt the wire, with compressed air to melt the molten metal was micro-droplet, and make Which is accelerated at a high rate after deposition to the substrate surface to form a coating of a thermal spraying method.

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