Arc Spraying Technology

2023-01-06 12:02:54

Arc Spraying Technology

In the 1980s, the arc spraying technology of some industrial developed countries such as the United States and Germany has been greatly developed, and the quality of coating has been greatly improved, which has promoted the extensive application of arc spraying technology in industry. At present, the arc spraying technology in the country has been the attention of many departments, is being more and more widely used. Arc spraying technology can be applied to corrosion, wear, decoration and the formation of special functional coatings and other fields, especially in the field of corrosion, arc spraying is the most effective and most economical long-term anti-corrosion technology.

Compared with other coating technology, arc spraying technology has the advantages of good coating quality, small workpiece deformation, high production efficiency, high energy efficiency, good economic efficiency, simple operation and easy field operation.

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