Application of plastic flame spraying

2023-01-06 14:12:56

6, insulation coating large rectifier, welding machine, start the motor wire is relatively thick, insulation damage, you can also use spray coating to repair. For some parts require insulation of the workpiece, plastic spraying is more suitable. In addition, plastic spraying in the high-frequency, high pressure situations, can also be applied.

7, shock absorption, sound-absorbing materials Vibrating feed mechanism work noise, poor working environment, the operator is also very easy to fatigue. For this purpose, the coating can be sprayed onto the area where the feed mechanism contacts the workpiece, which significantly reduces the noise and improves the working conditions.

8, decorative, anti-rust layer All kinds of machine tools, ships, vehicles handle, handle and other manipulation parts, usually with the plating method to solve the decoration, rust problem.

9, insulation materials Some pneumatic tools, operators in contact with compressed air circulation pipes will feel very cold, especially in winter, the operator will even be frostbite. If the parts in contact with the hand spray nylon or plastic coating, you can greatly reduce the hazards of freezing on the operator.

10, paper industry shaft and sleeve size, size guide wheel. Can be applied plastic spraying process.

11, oil, acid, minus, salt and chemical tank size cylinder, plastic spraying process can be used.

12, Coastal equipment corrosion, mining equipment corrosion, corrosion of structural parts, etc., can be used plastic spraying process.

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