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Advantages of adding TiC inserts

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-05-25


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Advantages of adding TiC inserts


TiC inserts can change the morphology of carbide dispersion in high manganese steel, effectively improve the wear resistance of more than 2 times, not only in high impact stress with good wear resistance, and low stress Still very wearable.

TiC rods can effectively improve the carbon content,improve wear resistance,adding a certain amount of chromium (generally 2-2.5%),can reduce the stability of austenite, you can get a high-quality wear-resistant materials, the processing hardening speed, can quickly form a high hardness of the hardening layer, Impact abrasive wear capacity greatly improved.
By adding TiC inserts through a special heat treatment, increasing the resistance of plastic deformation of the material, thereby increasing the initial hardness.
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