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TiC-based cemented carbide Features(二)

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-05-23

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TiC-based cemented carbide Features(二)

a.  TiC-based inserts with hardening, arc welding and impact resistance characteristics, TIC rod performance both steel and carbide materials, the characteristics and strengths of two

b. TiC-based rods has good physical and mechanical properties. It has a high hardness in the hardened state, its wear resistance and high cobalt carbide equivalent, or even higher, steel cemented carbide also has a small specific gravity, high specific strength, good self-lubricating Sex
c. TiC-based inserts surface to form a coating structure Mo2C, can improve its wetting with the steel matrix, through the quenching, the alloy steel matrix into martensite and a small amount of retained austenite, alloy The hardness and strength are greatly improved. Alloy cast in the high manganese steel castings, after water toughness can improve its strength and toughness.
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