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What is vanadium carbide powder

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-04-26

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Vanadium carbide, chemical formula VC, relative atomic weight 62.95, carbon containing 19.08%, gray metal powder, is a sodium chloride type cubic crystal, lattice constant 4.182 Å, with good chemical stability and high temperature performance. A density of 5.41 g / cm3, a melting point of 2800C, and a boiling point of 3900C.
Can be used for cutting tools, steelmaking industry and tungsten-based carbide alloy grain refiner, can significantly improve the alloy performance. Vanadium carbide is slightly harder than quartz. By the reduction of vanadium pentoxide with carbon black. Can be used to manufacture vanadium steel.
Can also be used for thermal spraying materials, plasma spraying, flame spraying, laser spraying, supersonic spraying and so on.
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