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Thick coating improves the service life of indexable inserts

Author: langfeng Time: 2018-03-14

Thick coating improves the service life of indexable inserts
After nearly a decade, it is finally possible to first try a pvd coating with a thickness of 8 μm.This technology has been used very successfully on indexable blades, and this pvd technology has opened up a vast application space for itself. This thick pvd coating was successfully developed by Cemecon and can be used for customers' unique coating applications, such as coating of alox sn2 or gold.How do you define a thick coating? In fact, this thick coating is only a few thousandths of a millimeter, and most of the current coatings with a thickness of between 10 and 12μm are used.
However, the trend of technological development and demand is to expand the variety and scope of coating materials. Tool manufacturers are willing to make any combination of aluminum, chromium or silicon to improve the properties of the coating material to meet new requirements. In order to complete this work, only pvd coating technology is currently considered. In this regard, the user can obtain a number of benefits, such as obtaining a very smooth surface and a lower process temperature, so that the problem of material embrittlement does not occur.
Today's oxide layer has no limitations for pvd technology. In the future, new coating materials will be able to adapt to the market and open up new horizons with the help of aluminum, chromium, zirconium and other elemental components. This type of coating material can be combined with super-nitride. Whether it is a typical pvd 3 μm or a thickness of 8 to 10 μm or more, it can be manufactured according to the different edge features of the insert and the application occasion. In addition, there are a number of new pre-treatment and secondary treatment methods available, combined with the use of the best coating materials, allows customers to produce a lot of unique products.
Cemecon has its own production line of cutting tools, indexable inserts, shank milling cutters and hobs in the Wuerselen area and has developed its own coating technology solutions. In these production lines, whether it is processing steps, peripheral equipment and technical equipment, or coating materials, etc., are equipped with the specific requirements of the tool. Through a specific combination of processing steps, coating materials and thicknesses, a very wide variety of coatings are achieved, providing customers with the capital to compete with their peers.
In the past, manufacturers of indexed inserts often explored a variety of technologies to achieve consistent requirements. With the new development trend in the field of pvd development, a variety of different requirements can be met with a single technology in the near future. From a milling or more machining process can be achieved by a single device. In addition, other cutting materials such as ceramics can also be coated.
There is also environmental protection that is also important in industrial production. The pvd process is an environmentally friendly process that does not produce harmful materials.

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