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Thermal spraying machine new development(四)

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-08-23

Thermal spraying machine new development(四)

New plasma spray gun:

Tsinghua University and other units successfully developed qzni high-energy hole plasma spray gun, the gun power up to 75kw, thermal efficiency, plasma jet average enthalpy, jet temperature, gun power and powder deposition rate met meta large hole gun level. Recently, the Beijing Institute of Applied Science and Technology has successfully developed bt-g1, bt-g2, bt-g3 new plasma gun, and bt-ni-type large hole gun, but also the successful development of the bt-f1-type double Tube ultrafine powder powder feeder and physical method cooling system, so that the level of domestic plasma spraying equipment and on a new level, shortening the gap with the level of foreign equipment.

New blasting equipment:

Beijing, Shanghai and other places have been successfully developed a small recyclable blasting equipment and large-scale environmental sandblasting equipment, greatly improving the working conditions and reduce environmental pollution, to promote China's thermal spraying technology has played a positive role in the development.

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