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Thermal spraying equipment new development(三)

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-08-22

Thermal spraying equipment new development(三)

Gas deflagration sprayer:

Since its establishment in the 1960s, the Space Research Institute has set up a complete gas explosion spray coating for aerospace, aerospace and other military departments to spray many high-density high-quality coatings, equipment has reached or close to foreign Similar product level. Beijing Great Wall Titanium Company has cooperated with Ukraine in recent years to establish a Sino-foreign joint venture Beijing Titanium New Materials Co., Ltd., which has introduced the Ukrainian Explosive Spraying Equipment Manufacturing Technology, and now can produce explosion-proof equipment for computer-controlled three-dimensional walking mechanism. Users, has been sold to the United States and Taiwan and other regions.

Oxygen - acetylene flame plastic powder coating device:

In recent years, the use of oxygen - acetylene flame, boiling powder method, through a special spray gun spray plastic powder, you can get a smooth and smooth plastic coating. This provides a new approach for large workpieces, a variety of tanks, and pipe coating. To this end, Shenyang City, thermal spraying plant, Wuhan Institute of Materials Protection, Armored Force Engineering Institute and so have successfully developed a different type of flame plastic powder spraying device, and carried out a large area of construction, received good results. Among them, the Wuhan Institute of Materials Protection successfully developed fsp-ⅱ type plastic powder flame gun performance reached utp company i-spray-jet gun level.

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