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Thermal spray applications-Mold

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-09-28

Thermal spray applications-Mold

At present, the thermal spray application research is more rapid prototyping technology. This is a hot spray metal materials or welding metal to produce the entire parts of the technology, the spraying process is mainly arc spraying. The process can be obtained in any shape of the parts, so some people even think that "rapid prototyping will lead to the next material revolution." SULZERMETCO has studied more about this technology and has been used in actual production. Over the past three years, SULZERMETCO has used this technology to produce more than 100 horizontal turbo buckets for its customers. The United Kingdom Nottingham has been patented for rapid tooling for Spray Molding Development, which is used to make steel molds and production tools by spraying molten metal into a low cost, accurate aluminum refractory On the sample. The tooling produced in this way over the past two years has been extensively tested by several large companies, and plastic molds and metal forming processes all show great performance. The first batch of production tooling was made in September 1996 in the United Kingdom, these tooling is expected to produce more than 1 million parts. At a recent demonstration of this process, it was demonstrated that three guns were mounted on an industrial robot, a 19 mm thick steel coating was sprayed, and then an aluminum pipe was installed and the metal coating was continued until it was sprayed Require the thickness, and finally the lead melt off, outflow, thus forming a smooth water-cooled channel of the whole process.

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