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The Function of thermal spraying coating(二)

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-08-03

The Function of thermal spraying coating(二)
3.3 coating function
On the basis of the f. n. LONGO classification method of thermal spray coating, coating according to the function can be divided into:
1) wear resistance coating. Coating including resistance to adhesive wear and surface fatigue wear and erosion resistant coatings. Some of the situation and resistance to low temperature (< 538 c) wear and wear resistance to high temperature (538 ~ 843 c) coating. 2) thermal oxidation coating. This kind of coating including high temperature process (including oxidizing atmosphere, corrosive gas, erosion and thermal barrier is higher than 843 ℃) and the molten metal process (including the molten zinc, molten aluminum, molten iron and steel and molten copper) the application of the coating. 3) atmospheric and immersion corrosion resistance coating. Atmospheric corrosion salinity including industrial atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere, fields and so on caused by corrosion; Immersion corrosion including drinking water, drinking water, hot water, salt water corrosion, chemical and food processing, etc. 4) conductance and resistance coating. This kind of coating used for conductivity, resistance and shielding. 5) size coating recovery. This kind of coating for iron base (cutting and grinding of carbon steel and corrosion resistant steel) and non-ferrous metals (nickel, cobalt, copper, aluminum, titanium and their alloys) products. 6) mechanical parts clearance control coating. This kind of coating can be grinding. 7) chemical corrosion resistant coating. Chemical etching, including all kinds of acid, alkali, salt, corrosion of various kinds of inorganic substances and various organic chemical medium.
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