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Surface Treatment Engineering and Thermal Spray Technology Features and Development

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-12-22

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Surface Treatment Engineering and Thermal Spray Technology Features and Development
Surface engineering is the surface pretreatment, through surface coating, surface modification or a variety of surface engineering composite processing, changing the solid metal surface and non-metallic surface morphology, chemical composition and structure and stress state to obtain the required System performance of the surface.
Surface engineering combines basic theories, techniques and latest achievements in several fields. Surface engineering technology because of the substrate surface made of a coating or film, or by surface modification to give the material many special properties, the material surface performance is much better than the material matrix, not only can greatly extend the matrix material applications, and Solve the problem of material can not meet the environmental requirements in many fields. Surface engineering technology plays an irreplaceable and important role in solving common problems such as resources, energy and environment in human development.
Because surface engineering technology saves energy and materials, it protects the precious resources that human beings depend on and at the same time plays a very crucial role in environmental protection. In the 21st century, surface engineering technology will permeate all walks of life, promote social civilization and improve the quality of life.
Thermal spraying technology is an important branch in surface engineering. It heats some linear and powdery materials to melting or semi-melting state by heat source such as flame, arc or plasma, Jet to the substrate to form a coating. The coating is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, high temperature and thermal insulation, and offers the ability to repair parts that are subject to wear, corrosion, or process tolerances. The application of thermal spraying technology mainly includes: long-term preservation, mechanical repair and advanced manufacturing technology, mold making and repairing, manufacturing special functional coating and other four aspects. At present, thermal spraying technology has been widely used in almost all industrial areas and household products (such as non-stick pan, infrared health care heater, etc.).
At the end of the twentieth century, thermal spray technology developed rapidly and was rapidly promoted. By the end of the 20th century, plasma spraying still dominates. It is noteworthy that the rapid development of high-speed flame spraying (HVOF) will occupy 25% of the market share, ranking second. Arc spraying technology, due to good economy, superior coating performance than the flame spray coating, will be part of the flame spraying technology instead rose to third place.
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