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Plasma spraying

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-09-22

Plasma spraying

As the plasma spray can spray almost a variety of materials, and the process is simple, good combination of coating and matrix, it has been widely used. However, the control of a large number of parameters related to the spraying process is more complicated and becomes the main obstacle to the high quality coating of plasma spraying. One of the main aspects of the past study was to improve the performance of the gun, including the ablation of the electrode and the study of the instability of the plasma jet caused by hydrodynamic performance and arc performance. Now, by analyzing the model of the turbulent plasma jet, the jet is considered to be a two-fluid system composed of two parts of the fluid with the opposite direction of motion. As the experimental observation of the plasma jet has a wave phenomenon, so the plasma jet temperature field and velocity field distribution of experimental data and theoretical analysis of the comparison there are some difficulties.  The other direction of the current study is to study the formation of coating process, including the coating between the combination of coating and matrix bonding, porosity and non-melting particles control. The ultimate goal of these studies is to lay the foundation for the whole process control and automation of plasma spraying.

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