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Performance characteristics of molybdenum carbide

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-03-13

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As a new kind of functional material with high melting point and hardness, good thermal stability and mechanical stability, excellent corrosion resistance, molybdenum carbide has been widely used in various fields such as high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Has a similar precious metal electronic structure and catalytic properties. Widely used in hydrogen-related reactions such as alkane isomerization, unsaturated hydrocarbon hydrogenation, hydrodesulfurization and denitrification reactions for the super-hard tool materials, wear-resistant materials, heating materials and high-temperature structural materials.
Molybdenum carbide, chemical formula Mo2C (vedio), relative atomic weight 203.88, carbon 5.89%, dark gray metal powder, the crystallization of dense hexagonal lattice. Density 8.90g / cm3, melting point 2690 ℃, Mohs hardness 7. Micro hardness of 1800kg / mm3 (load 50g). Thermal conductivity 6.7 × 106W / (m · K). 2300 ℃ above decomposition.
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