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Molybdenum carbide powder Introduction

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-01-11

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Mo2C = 203.9, melting point: 2687 degrees, density 9.18 g / cm3, dark gray. Theoretical density 9.2g / cm3. The temperature of 2690 ° C. Mohs hardness of 7. And a microhardness of 1800 kg / mm3 (load: 50 g). The elastic modulus is 22100 kg / mm2. Thermal conductivity of 6.7 × 106W / (m · K). 2300 ℃ or more decomposition. (Molybdenum (MoC) as the main phase of the ceramic. Theoretical density 8.88g / cm3. Melting point 2700 ° C. Usually first made of molybdenum carbide powder (using molybdenum and carbon directly into the law, metal oxides and carbon reduction (Sintering, sintering and heat sintering, etc.) in a carbon tube furnace, a molybdenum wire furnace or a high-frequency vacuum furnace under vacuum or reducing atmosphere, Static pressure sintering) and is mainly used for super-hard tool materials, wear-resistant materials, heating materials and high-temperature structural materials.
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