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Introduction of Tantalum Carbide Powder

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-01-17

TaC = 192.96, carbon 6.224%, yellowish brown powder, hard and heavy, high chemical stability and good high temperature performance. Density of 14.5% g / cm3, melting point: 3875 degrees, boiling point: 5500 degrees, Tantalum carbide powder is an important metal-ceramic materials, with it made of knives, can be resistant to 3800 degrees below the high temperature, and its hardness can be compared with the prestigious diamond. Tungsten carbide as a grain refiner , Can significantly improve the performance of the alloy, the amount of tungsten carbide carbide production to 0.5-5%.
Tantalum carbide powder is widely used in hard film, target, welding materials, spraying materials. Tungsten Carbide-Co-based Carbide Tantalum Powder is added as a grain refiner, which can improve the alloy's red heat, high hardness and chemical stability, and it can be made into the tool, can withstand high temperature below 3800 º C, And the hardness can be compared with the diamond phase Yan Mei. Tantalum carbide sintered body shows golden yellow, can be used for watch decorations.
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