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High-speed gas spraying technology process characteristics

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-09-11

High-speed gas spraying technology process characteristics

The gas velocity at the time of high-speed gas spraying reported in the reference is 1370 to 2930 m / s. Corresponding to the spray particle flying speed of 480 ~ 1020m / s. The typical temperature of the high-speed gas flame flow depends on the type of fuel and the reaction conditions, between 1650 and 2760 ° C. This is almost 10,000 ℃ lower than the temperature at which the plasma is sprayed. Due to the high combustion chamber pressure and the longer nozzle length, the particles can be well accelerated in the flame flow with effective heat exchange. However, spraying particles is still difficult to heat to the extent of full melting, and will not overheat. And the speed is very high, there is a lot of momentum particles in the impact of the substrate surface will occur enough deformation, so that the coating is very dense, combined with reliable, small dispersion of oxides. The heating time of the particles depends on the length of the nozzle. Depending on the gun structure, the type of spray material, and the particle size distribution, the nozzle length is usually between 75 and 305 mm. The degree of heating of the particles is critical to the process. Excessive heating can cause the molten particles to adhere to the inner wall of the nozzle, the accumulation of the nozzle wall will seriously affect the normal spraying. Preventing such accumulation is an important issue in high-speed gas spraying.

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