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High manganese steel peformance analysis(五)

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-06-16


High manganese steel analysis(五)

       In the high manganese steel by adding alloying elements,can control the carbide precipitation and improve the yield limit,chromium can improve the hardenability of steel and wear resistance,improve the yield strength of steel;Molybdenum can ease the carbon diffusion rate,can inhibit carbonation.And the formation of pearlite,the molybdenum steel after strengthening treatment,can obtain a higher yield strength,and toughness does not decrease,molybdenum for austenite to improve the tendency of dendrites along the development of dendrites can prevent austenite grain in the The addition of rare earth elements can purify the molten steel,refine the grain,inhibit the growth of the carbide and improve the shape and distribution of the inclusions.

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