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High Manganese Steel Analysis(四)

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-06-09

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High Manganese Steel Analysis(四)

     Adding a certain amount of chromium (usually 2-2.5%), can reduce the stability of austenite, you can get a high-quality wear-resistant materials, metastable austenitic manganese steel in the deformation of the formation of a large number of twin, twin With thin, twin spacing is small, and the emergence of martensite, the impact load hours, the processing of hardening speed, can quickly form a high hardness of the hardened layer, the impact of abrasive abrasion significantly improved.
     Ultra-high manganese steel is based on the composition of ordinary high manganese steel, not only improves the manganese content, has increased the carbon content, it has a high processing hardening rate, has maintained a high toughness of austenite, Working conditions, with good wear resistance.

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